Trina Inquires 14/10/19

What’s something you really resent paying for?

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  1. What do you mean? Paying twice for?

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  2. I resent paying for many things but my biggest bugbear is paying such high prices for dental treatment in the UK! We are supposed to be able to sign up for local dental practices on the NHS but in reality, it is simply not possible. Recently, each dentist I called said ‘Good morning, Blah Blah speaking, how can I help you?’ in that horrible singsong whine. When I told her I need to see a dentist. TODAY! she sings ‘Sorry madam, we’re not taking any more NHS clients.’ so I asked how I’d get an appointment and dental treatment. ‘Oh, you can go private, we have an appointment this afternoon.’ I was in agony and practically ripping the head off my partner so he said to take the damn appointment. ‘OK, I’ll take it.’ I say through gritted teeth (no pun intended).

    ‘Great’ said Miss Blah ‘It’s £100 and you have to pay £50 now, over the telephone. Do you have a debit or credit card you can pay with?’ Oh my word! My mental health was now suffering as much as my tooth so I did pay, I did attend the appointment and I was seen. ‘Yes, you do need a filling so when you leave, you can make another appointment with our receptionist. Bye for now.’ the dentist smiled as she ushered me from her room. I was so flippin’ angry. One hundred pounds and she still hadn’t filled my tooth. I was flying out to Croatia on holiday the next day so couldn’t make a further appointment anyway. I was still in agony when I arrived in Croatia so a Croatian friend took me to his local dentist who charged, for the x-ray and the filling, €20. Utter bliss and nowhere near £100+. Guess where I’m going next time?

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  3. There are A LOT of things, but mostly anything for people who are here in my country illegally, especially when these our things our own citizens are not receiving, or worse yet, our Veterans.

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    • Surely with Veterans that is down to the government and the armed forces, in the UK its only recently that Veterans are getting help with how to pay bills.

      Having been in the army for 5 plus years and living at barracks (where rent and bills are really cheap) coming into civillian life its a massive culture shock for them, added to this those that don’t get help for any mental health problems. More needs to be done for them

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      • I agree. The Veterans should get everything. They have paid the ultimate price and many of whom have made the ultimate sacrifice. Even though we live in different countries, on different continents, we are cousins and allies. Thank you for your service.

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  4. Insurance. They want their premiums each month, but try to screw you out reimbursement when you finally need to make a claim. Biggest pyramid scheme in the world.

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    • I can never get my head round things like the US medical system and why people (normal everyday people) dont want a free healthcare system. In the UK if you are rich enough you can pay to go private or have private health care.

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      • Capitalism, baby! Land of the free…but, also land of every man for himself. 😏

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      • Because it’s NOT free! It is only free to those who don’t pay for it, but for those who make over a certain $$$$ amount, we HAVE TO PAY FOR EVERYTHING! Then you have all the illegals coming over who want free medical as well, and the Veterans, as well as the rest of our citizens, don’t get those same benefits, yet still have to pay for them. We have SO many people here who just want handouts and don’t want to work. They keep saying things like “make the rich pay”, well soon, there won’t be any rich people left, and those who still remain, are going to bolt out of this country so fast. There are not enough rich people in the whole world, let alone the United States, to pay for all the freebies and handouts that people want.

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      • In the UK we pay a certain tax for our NHS, so no, its not free, but I know damn well I can go to an A&E and it will not cost me, when I say free, I mean I don’t have to pay $7000 for an ambulance to get you to a hospital and hope your insurance pays out.

        You say there are not enough rich people but when something like 10% (maybe less) of the world’s population control 90% of the world’s wealth then we have a problem, especially when those people use tax loop holes, laws and everything else to keep them from paying more. Working people have to pay more because they are getting squeezed more and more,. In the UK its because the disabled, the poor and the vulnerable have no more money, they have had to hit the next stage which is the people on minimum wage, two parent family who don;t qualify for benefits because they earn to much, but can’t afford anything else.

        As for your illegals, that is something you will have to take up with your law makers, what I can say for the UK is that you need a shit ton of paperwork and ID to be able to qualify for benefits in the country and anyone who says any different is lying.

        Finally The Great USA is the only 1st World Country in the world without nationalised healthcare, if every other country has done it and it has worked just maybe the USA is wrong.


      • You may have the NHS, but from what I understand of it, there are not really many choices, and you don’t get the best care. You also have to wait until “they” the powers that be decide when and if you get the procedures done. If the NHS is so great, WHY do all the wealthy people come to the US to get their procedures done, most recently Mick Jagger with his heart surgery.

        A flat tax would be the best system. EVERYONE pays a flat % of what they make. Period. Believe me, the wealthy are already paying most of the bills as it is. here in the US, there are roughly 50% of the population who do not pay taxes at all, but yet they are the net recipients. You think the working people are getting squeezed to much right now, which I completely agree with you on, but if we go to socialism, they will get squeezed even more. There has ALWAYS been a divide between the haves and the have nots, and there always will be, no matter what system is in place.
        A set minimum wage is only going to hurt the very people it is designed to help. Businesses have to raise their prices to cover all the expenses, and when they raise the prices to much, people will stop doing business with them, which means there will be NO jobs, and NO wages. Besides, having a set minimum wage does not make any sense. Living in an expensive city or an expensive part of the country getting the same wage as someone living in a cheaper area is not going to solve anything. And why should I pay someone a high minimum wage when they have no experience and no skills, and/or are still living with their parents at home? A set minimum wage is going to hurt people far more than it is going to help people.

        You arr supposed to have a shit ton of paperworkto get into the United States, but if you live around the Southern borders, you can just walk in. It is estimated that between 11 million-44 million illegals residents live in the United States. That is A LOT of people. Most of who receive welfare and benefits, and are net recipients to a system they have not contributed to at all.

        There are no easy solutions to these problems. I do not believe the NHS system is working as well as you think it is. it is a very expensive system with a lot of flaws as well. One being R & D. Part of the reason health care is so expensive in the US is because we are the ones who do the bulk of research & development, and that costs money too. Nothing in life is free. Everything has a cost associated with it.

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      • You have heard wrong about the NHS, there are certain things you can’t do on it, such as cosmetic surgery, but I can’t think of a single illness you wouldn’t get treated for and we do have some of the best care in the world. I have no idea why the wealthiest people go to the States because they can?

        Our NHS is not working as well as is should because like with anything there is a shit ton of red tape that takes away money from where it should be.

        I don’t know what R&D is?

        Part of the reason why health care is so expensive in the US is because of greed, I agree that the States do a lot of the research but other countries are catching up and not upping costs for their health care


      • Well, let’s just agree to disagree. 🙂

        R & D is research and development.

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      • Ahh thank you Jeanne, that was puzzling me

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  5. Joshua Shea says:

    Hotel resort fees. Don’t tell me a room is $149 a night, then when I show up charge me an additional $40 “resort fee”. Just say the room is $189.

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  6. Carol Anne says:

    It used to be water! But now that got scrapped, I resent paying fees for prescriptions!

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