Need to make a parenting decision now

Went to see the new school, its big, but it seems to have a lot of things going for it.

Its as good as his school at the moment, so really it is a call between, whether this is better for the whole family and to be honest yes it is.

I am going to talk to Monkey this afternoon on the way home and tell him I want him to see it.

Although in reality I am going to get the cogs going as it could take a while to move him and I want to get started, its probably not going to happen till January now, but we will see what happens.


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4 Responses to Need to make a parenting decision now

  1. fakeflamenco says:

    Good luck with the decision! We made a change for Eagle 2 years ago ago and haven’t regretted it. 🙂 Is it due to location, staffing or students if I might ask?

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    • Its location, we go past the new school to get to his school and are often being delayed, so he is missing out on social time with his friends in the playground in the morning, because we are getting there a few minutes late, if he is not feeling well for any reason, I am going to have to catch the bus which is 30 minutes just to get him, my bike is quicker but it means walking him home which would be a 40 minute walk maybe more if he is ill or leaving my bike somewhere.

      We have given it a year now and its just not working, playdates have dried up because we just can’t get to them and he has made no new friends in the area, because they all go to this school and not his old school.

      I have lots of reasons to move him but I have listened to what he has wanted but its not going to work much longer. Also in the long term, he probably wont be going to the same senior school as his friends (age 11) so we can either make the transition now or when he is 11


  2. Carol Anne says:

    Best to get the ball rolling now and hope it doesn’t take too long for him to be moved!

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