Chat with Monkey went well

I had another chat with Monkey about moving schools, I explained that while I understood he was nervous about moving that this school was probably going to be better for him.

His first question to me, was mummy what would you give this school out of 100, so I said probably about 90 maybe 95. He said why, so I started with what was really good and he stopped me and went mummy, no I want to hear the bad bits first.

So we did that, we had a really good chat about it and then he demanded to change the conversation. I think I am also 99% decided, I would feel better if I could get another appointment to go round again with him, but I have put in the forms I need to change his school, it might happen as quickly as before Christmas.

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4 Responses to Chat with Monkey went well

  1. joyroses13 says:

    Love how he wanted to hear the bus first! Glad you had a good chat and can feel comfortable about your decision!

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    90 is a good score! I hope he’ll love it there! ❤

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