And then boom

I got up early this morning, I wanted to get on with things while Monkey was still asleep, its half term here, so its all going to be busy.

Crack on with doing the dishes and catching up with emails and suddenly boom, anxiety hits me like being headbutted in the stomach.

No reason for it, I am not planning on going out today, I want to make sure whatever bug Monkey had is gone for good.

He has seemed alright over the weekend, but still a bit off colour, I have done the 48 hour rule and so if he had school, I would have probably sent him in, but saying that he is still asleep.

Anyway I wasn’t sure why I suddenly had a massive anxiety feeling, I have noticed it is happening more and more when nothing is triggering it and I am not sure how to fight it.

Its tough not knowing what to do when its your own brain. I, personally, wish it would bugger off and leave me alone.

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2 Responses to And then boom

  1. Sometimes we just get that massive anxiety (negative) feeling (perhaps heart fluttering, a leaden stomach etc) – it comes out of nowhere (automatic) and we attach a negative thought to it i.e. “oh my word, no, I’m panicking…..” or “oh no, not that again….” and it grows.

    So now you feel anxious, it was automatic (out of nowhere) and your thoughts are negative – this is termed ANTS (Automatic negative thoughts) in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). And it’s a vicious circle. If you have automatic negative thoughts, you’ll soon start having negative feelings and so the circle goes on.

    If you now imagine you were doing something exciting today, a party, going on a much-looked-forward to funfair ride and you’re excited – you get that same feeling (butterflies etc) but you’ll attach a positive thought to it.

    This link will probably explain it better than me and I hope it helps.

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    • Thank you for that, tbh I put it down to the fact I couldn’t change the beds at the right time. Now all my jobs are done and I am chilling on the sofa playing with lego, it seems to have calmed down a wee bit, so I think I need to work on the not being able to do my routine a bit more. I was getting better, but it seems to come back every now and then

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