Go out he says

On Sunday, we realised we were running low on electric, I am not sure if other countries have these, but we have pay metres for both gas and electric. Basically you go into the shop with your key or card and top it up a bit like a phone.

It does mean you have to keep an eye out, because one day you are sitting there writing a post for your blog and the next second everything goes off because you didn’t realise you had run out of electric.

Anyway I had a conversation with my partner about popping out to get more, his response was well why don’t you go, it will be good practice. The shop is five minutes away if that.

After a bit of me digging my heels in, I head out on my adventure, mainly so I could buy a massive bar of chocolate.

I get to the till and ask to put £20 on the electric and £10 on the gas. To make this really simple, my gas is a card like a credit card and the electric is a key, they are two very different looking things.

I get back home and pop the electric key into the meter and nothing, no money on there, it does sometimes play up, so I go to the flat and ask my partner to check it, while I do the gas, and this is when I find I have £30 on the gas. We use a maximum of a fiver a week, everything in our house is electric.

Off I go back to the shops, to explain my problem. Half an hour later, I am walking out with a free £20 credit on my electric and still have £30 on my gas, that is going to keep us going till next year. The shop have said they will sort it, so the £30 might disappear, but who knows at the minute and as I said to my partner this is why I don’t go out.

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8 Responses to Go out he says

  1. ghostmmnc says:

    This having to go top off the utilities like that is something I’ve never heard of. Ours just comes automatically, and we get a bill in the mail each month that we send in payment.

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    • It use to be a punishment for low income families who got into debt with the utilities so that way the companies could get their money back. The problem with that is the cost was much higher than just paying the bill at the end of the month. So it just pushed them further into debt, now its similar prices although still more expensive and for people in rentals you can’t easily change it, so you get lumped with it

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  2. fakeflamenco says:

    I like the end of the story if the extra credit holds! How are you doing? You’re a bit quiet. R

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