Damn it

I managed to get a cheap phone, my luck with phones is not great. However I was really excited to actually get a new one.

My sister, bless her, had sent me her last few old ones, they had cracked screens, but they did what I wanted, which is to ring people. I don’t use smart phones like most people, I use it, well, to ring people. I say people I do mean my mum

However the last phone, the screen stopped working and I couldn’t use it, so I went through a shit ton of the old phones I had to see if any of those could work. I did find one, that could do it, but charging it was a problem, so it was only a matter of time.

I waited till I had enough Amazon vouchers, to buy a cheap phone, I wasn’t expecting anything great but not to turn itself off and then not turn on again was not on my list.

Now I am going to have to send it back and pray to the gods, that I can get one on the same sort of deal.

In the meantime I back to a phone that is older than my son, praying the charge will hold.

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8 Responses to Damn it

  1. Have my phone (land line) on my desk. Have old flip phone I carry only when driving and emergency occurs or if traveling away from home. It rarely works transferring pics I take to desktop to save and print. Smart phone just beyond my skills and am envious of people that buzz through all the possible actions they provide.

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    wow you don’t use a smart phone? So how do you put the emogies into r posts, curious people wanna know now how to do emogies on the computer! 😛

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