That is a whirlwind

It was an unusual week last week, I don’t think I wrote properly at all.

On Monday, I took Monkey to see the new school I want him to go to, its a 15 minute walk rather than the 40 minute walk we were doing. He liked it, so I pushed ahead, Tuesday we were buying new uniform and he started on the Wednesday.

That is how quick it happened and to be honest it took everything I had to keep it together for both myself and Monkey.

It is so nice, to get home at 9am and not have to leave till 3pm to go pick him up. The distance is halved, which is so much better for my anxiety. I think I have this bubble round me and taking him to his old school was outside my bubble, the new school is either just inside it or just outside it. I do start feeling anxious when we get there.

We will see how it goes but hopefully this is going to be a change for the better

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11 Responses to That is a whirlwind

  1. Brothers Campfire says:

    Sound like things are looking up!

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  2. Brothers Campfire says:

    Family is what matters!

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  3. fakeflamenco says:

    I thought you were a bit quiet last week. I was wondering about the new school. Glad he’s already begun! Sounds like it will help you quite a lot for him to be closer to pick up and drop off. Yay!

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  4. Carol Anne says:

    We missed your chatty posts! So glad the new school is so much better! Welcome back to wp!

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