How to choose between the parties

With a general election coming up, many people are confused about which one of the millionaires they would like to tell us how to run our lives, because they know exactly what it is like to be a normal person within the UK.

1, Have a look at your MP are they a good local MP, these are rare to find if they do a lot for their local community, if you are still not sure have a look at their voting record, you can find that here

2. Next have a look at the different parties policies. Politics covers all areas of your life, including benefits, healthcare, taxes, childcare, university fees, council budgets and emergency services budgets, Have a school ages child? Is there are party investing rather than cutting school funding? There probably isn’t a bit of your life that is not affected by politics. Is there anything you know is coming up in the next five years of your life that might be affected by a bad view. For example, if you are planning on having a child, childcare bills are expensive, some parties might be offering free childcare up to the age of 4 when they start school. Planning on going to university, are any party planning on upping the fees?

3. Next have a look at the leaders of the parties, while this technically is not something that might effect you, if a leader has a completely different view to you on something, they may impose the whip and some MPs don’t like defying this rule, so would your MP vote against it? If so is that a leader you really want ruling the country?

4. Now, this is just something I look at, but does your candidates actually live in the area? I have 5 candidates standing, only 2 of mine live in the area.

5. If you are still struggling, see if you can find out where they are canvassing and go and talk to them, at some point in 5 years you might need them and if you have an instant dislike to them, do you really want to go to them with any problems you might have.


Hopefully if you are struggling to make a decision that may help

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8 Responses to How to choose between the parties

  1. fakeflamenco says:

    Your first sentence is priceless. Happy voting!

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  2. Suze says:

    I absolutely adore you! That first sentence is priceless!

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  3. Carol Anne says:

    great post, so helpful! ❤

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