You know you have pushed it too far

I am very into my politics, my partner not so much, but its important to me, so he tolerates watching the many interviews, listening to me go on about it and generally knows that for the next few weeks, this is what is going to be my main topic of conversation.

However, I knew I pushed it too far when I watched an interview with the leaders of the main parties (apart from parties from Wales and Northern Ireland) and Nigel Farage came on and he put on headphones.

I have made my partner sit and watch some of the shittest things on TV, I include in this, but not limited to the films sandsharks, snowsharks, sharknado 5, lake placid vs anaconda, zombiesauraus and Tremors 5. I could go on, my partner has tolerated all of this but Farage comes on the TV and that is a step too far.

Now I do agree with him, but I felt it important to listen to the womblefucker about his policies. What I got from it, is he doesn’t have any other than leaving the EU.

I dont give a flying fig about Brexit, I want to know what parties are going to do with the NHS, housing, the environment, welfare, cost of living.

Its going to be an interesting few weeks

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5 Responses to You know you have pushed it too far

  1. This made me smile. My hubby watches all this too and only I have to listen his rants when he’s yelling at the t.v. You see, they can’t hear him.

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    Well I hope you get something out of watching all their dribble! 😀

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