Sleep, anxiety, depression and illness

Its been a weird week, I didn’t set up any posts for this week, which I do normally do, but basically over Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I have slept through out the day. I drop Monkey off and then go back home, sleep and then pick him back up again.

My flat looked like a shit hole. Tuesday I suddenly got a burst of motivation just before I had to go pick Monkey up, so in the hour I had I blitzed the flat and got it looking much better,

But for some reason I didn’t sleep at all Tuesday night, which meant Wednesday, yep you got it I spent it in bed and slept right through, only just waking up to pick him up on time.

This has not helped my anxiety, which causes my depression to start up again, but Wednesday evening, I started to feel exhausted at around 11pm, so I went straight to bed and slept till 5am. I did keep waking up every couple of hours, but only for a few minutes before I went back to sleep.

I actually woke up with a lot of motivation, mainly to hoover, this is a problem, when you live in a block of flats and the rest of your family is still asleep, so I decided to get caught up on emails. Which I have nearly done,

I am hoping to have a productive day today and get all caught up and that might settle my anxiety alot. I have 6 hours to do as much as I can, apart from a small break when I am seeing my dad.

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8 Responses to Sleep, anxiety, depression and illness

  1. carol hannah says:

    I get the hoovering being a problem in flats lol. I also shower and have the washing machine on at all hours. I’ve had no complaints yet 🙂

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    Hugs! Huge hug! Hope you feel much better by now! Did the card I sent you get there yet? x

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  3. Pearl says:

    Sending virtual hugss!! I’ve been feeling the same every now and then, but we still have to keep moving. ☺️💛

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