That feels better

Since having this damn cold, I have had no appetite at all and struggled to eat at least once a day.

However this morning I woke up starving and just had the biggest bowl of pasta I think in the world and feel so much better for it.

Along with the nice hot bath, I had this morning as well, I am starting to feel almost human again.

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8 Responses to That feels better

  1. Awwww…so sorry you are going through this too! Although, wishing I would lose my appetite! Lol would love to shed a few pounds before the holiday visits. Chicken soup, hot tea with lemon & honey. But, if you’re serious about feeling better, 2 – 3hot toddy’s. Fill a cup with brandy, lemon juice and sweeten with honey, microwave until hot. It may not cure a cold but trust me, by the second one… will no longer care. Hahaha

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  2. I’ve been sick with ear/sinus issues, so I feel you. Hope it gets better soon!

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  3. Carol Anne says:

    Love pasta! Hot baths when your ill are so sootheing!

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