I suppose I should mention….

The General Election, which as you can imagine, I wasn’t too pleased with the result, for those who are unsure the Tory government (the right winged) got in with a massive majority.

Those up north who are working class decided to change the way they voted and went with the posh lot, that is what really pushed it and I don’t think anyone was expecting that.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have been impressed if Labour (the left) had gotten in either. I don’t think their leader is the right man for the job, but I will say he kept his honour, he never resorted to cheap retorts and insults unlike the Tory party.

The one thing I did notice was how I was bombarded with a lot of social media for the left. The problem is, while I would say I was centre I am right leaning, but I don’t like the Tory government, we have been under them for 9 years now and they are still blaming labour for all the problems. Once we get through this five years I wonder if they are still going to blame labour.

The main thing for me, is I sat up and watched the results roll in and everytime I saw a conservative gain from Labour, my faith in my country fell. I am not talking about the UK here, I am mainly talking about England and partly Wales.

I thought we were an inclusive country, welcoming and tolerant and all I heard from many people who voted Tory was lets get Brexit done, the same one line the Prime Minister Johnson came out with all the time.

The problem is no one has a clue what that means, not even Boris Johnson. I am not going to bash anyone who voted one way or the other, but to vote just based on one policy is stupid.

Over the last nine years, schools, public services, councils, NHS, have been cut to the bare bone and barely holding on. While the amount of billionaires we have in this country grows. Along with the amount of people in poverty, homelessness and food banks.

We can’t cope as a country anymore and the Tory manefisto barely contained anything on these, just we will build 40 hospitals, well they won’t.

I hope I am wrong, but I think this is a massive mistake, however the alternative was not much better in my eyes, so I honestly think we were screwed either way.

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2 Responses to I suppose I should mention….

  1. Carol Anne says:

    Sounds like it! Screwed no matter how you look at it!

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