Finally getting there

I am nearly all caught up, just in time for me to get behind again, as Monkey breaks up on Friday.

My anxiety has calmed right down now that I am nearly there. Although, I have been keeping up with everything else, it is just the surveys I am behind with.

However, my sleep is still very buggered and I am struggling to change it, I am not sleeping through the day, which is good, but the evenings are more or less a complete wipe out as I am so tired.

Not sure what to do with that, but I will keep trying.

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4 Responses to Finally getting there

  1. Maybe an intense physical activity like walking or cycling may help. Enroll or be a part of engaging activities. It really worked for me. I am less bothered now.

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    yep I feel ya! My sleep is buggered too! I am neither here nor there with it! Don’t know when I will sleep good so sleep as and when I can! Hoping your all caught up now on the surveys? xoxo

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