Is it now going too far?

I am a feminist, I am all for equal rights for women, but (and you knew there was going to be one) I heard two stories on the news today which were, well they were looking for a female Bank of England Governor and we really need a female leader of the Labour party.


Its fantastic that finally, it seems to be more normal that women are going to be considered for these type of roles, but personally I want to be chosen on my merits not because of my sexual organs, if a man is better qualified then of course he should get the job, why should be be discriminated against because he has a penis?

I just have a feeling that in all this fog we are facing, then this gets chucked at us to go ooohh and ahh without actually thinking no this is wrong as well. I should get picked because I have a degree in banking and the experience not because I have a GCSE in maths and a vigina

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8 Responses to Is it now going too far?

  1. Cyranny says:

    I totally agree!

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  2. Joshua Shea says:

    Well, I don’t think they’re going to find a homeless woman off the street and put her in the position of an experienced, educated man. I tend to disagree a little with this. I think that there are things, like gender, race, etc. that absolutely gives us unique experiences and perspectives in the world. You’re going to get different perspectives from a woman just as you would a gay may or a Chinese man. If you’re striving for a diversity of input, you need a diversity of people. If you’ve had 5 white guys in a row and they aren’t delivering what you’re hoping for, sometimes it’s time to give the white guys a break and see if something else works.

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  3. Carol Anne says:

    Everything is taken to extremes these days! Even feminism! 🙂

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