A bit of bad luck recently

Last week, my partners computer broke, this isn’t the end of the world as such, as I am sure we can get it fixed, it just trying to fit in a time, when he can carry the computer down to the repair shop, I did try and pick it up, but christ it is heavy.

Then the Xbox broke, this was more of a problem, because we use it for things like netflix, catch up tv etc.

I am keeping a close eye on my laptop. We think we are going to have to replace the Xbox, which at this time of year is not something we really wanted to do.

However, have you noticed how spoilt for choice we now are. I do remember growing up with 4 tv channels. Now I have over 100 and do you think I can find anything on? Nop and with my partners computer broken, I can’t watch anything on his computer while working on my laptop, which means I either don’t work on my laptop and watch whatever, or I just listen to the tv programme.

There is only so much judge judy I can handle

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2 Responses to A bit of bad luck recently

  1. Carol Anne says:

    Hoping its fixable! And sooner rather than later! How much are Xboxes these days? X

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