Its all gone very quiet

Monkey has gone to spend today and tomorrow with family. After the excitement of yesterday, it is now very quiet.

I can hear the TV from more than 2 feet away. I have also cleaned my lounge, so there is no more lego in it.

I am sure that once he gets back tomorrow, that will change.

We have a new mission today though, we got Monkey a bits from Lego Hidden Side, its a new interactive set, you download the app onto your phone and it does some crazy things. Our problem, not a single device we own we can get it on, and its very annoying. I am going to keep trying and see what else we can do, because there is no way I am going to spend god knows how much just to get a phone or tablet that we can do this on.

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1 Response to Its all gone very quiet

  1. Carol Anne says:

    did you have any luck with getting the app on a device? Weird how none of yours will work for it!


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