Its time for the spring clean

After Christmas, I normally start going though the flat a room at a time, one room a week and give it a massive clean, get rid of all the shit, that despite me cleaning every week seems to have accumulated.

Some stuff, we give to charity, some we sell and some we bin.

Last weekend, I did Monkeys room, top to bottom, 2 massive bags of clothes he has outgrown and a shit ton of toys later, I finally finished.

We rearranged his room to how he likes and then the job of going through the toys starts, see now monkey knows which are broken and which are not, but he still insists that the broken ones are fine to sell, because he knows, any we sell he gets the money.

I know full well, someone does not want a batman model with a leg chewed off.

So we have a bit of a fight, over what goes where, this time round, we only have 4 things we can reasonably sell.

I hate doing this, my selling posts are usually fairly clear. Cash on collection, collection only, this is the price, no I wont hold.

Ultimately if I don’t sell them they will go to a charity shop and I will give Monkey the money, as it seems a bit bad that I get impatient with the human race and think fuck it.

They have been up an hour and so far I have had

will you take £2 (the thing is a fiver and brand new)

Will you post?

Can you deliver?

Can you hold it till Easter

I get very impatient with people, when this happens along with the old is this still available? I say yes and then never hear from them again.

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10 Responses to Its time for the spring clean

  1. It’s my intention too – get on ebay and sell shoes (never worn) and dresses (still with labels attached). But like you, if people start to haggle or get on my nerves, that will be the end of that and it will all go to charity!

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  2. Saumya Agrawal says:

    Monkey is sooo cute 😄

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  3. Carol Anne says:

    where do you sell things? On ebay or done deal or where?

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