I am sure I did this last year

When I complained about my bins not being emptied, we have 3 big bins for over 20 flats, this year they were emptied before Christmas and then nothing, the bins were over flowing, people were dumping their trash bags on the pavement.

Some of us, were keeping our rubbish out on the balconies or in the little cupboards we have, this is mainly so the foxes or cats don’t get into the bags and spread trash all over the street.

But the problem with keeping the trash in instead of piling it up on the street is when they come and empty the bins (like they did today)

I missed them, so couldn’t ask them to take the rubbish I had, which meant I started filling up the bins again and we will go round and round like this till febuary.

I am sure I complained last year about this to the council, along with my usual complaint of give us a fucking recycling bin you arseholes. Oh and a food waste bin.

The years go on and nothing really changes.

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2 Responses to I am sure I did this last year

  1. Carol Anne says:

    damn idiots! You’d think they’d give you some bins, and collect yours in a timely manner! ug!

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