A story

A little story for you all, I am with British Gas on a prepay meter, the electric meter is 5 meters (or further) away from my flat, this means I cannot have a smart meter (this becomes important) so once a week either myself or my partner wonders down to the 2 minute walk to the local shop that does paypoint, or if we are feeling very energetic, we could walk for 20 minutes and top up our gas or electric at any one of the 7 stores.

On January 1st British Gas changed who I can use to top up from paypoint to payzone. But its ok because they have thousands of places you can top in the UK, including post offices.

Apart from they don’t, the main post office in my town doesn’t do it, The nearest shop is a 20 minute walk and over the last few days their system has been down. This has now led to me using my emergency gas and electric of which I only have £5 on each and this is now running out, both British Gas and Payzone are telling me my post office should do it, my post office is telling me they can’t and the next nearest place that may or may not do payzone is a £7 bus ride away, which funnily enough is the same amount we spend on fucking gas.

The British gas offers me a smart meter, I explain why and now everytime I speak to someone, I have to say, please don’t bother offering me a smart meter because it wont work

I am going round and round in circles here and getting fairly pissed off, chances are tomorrow  I will wake up tomorrow with no electric or gas

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16 Responses to A story

  1. itsathought2 says:

    Geez. What a fucking nightmare. It feels like you should just be able to do this online?

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  2. fakeflamenco says:

    Red tape bs is infuriating

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  3. fakeflamenco says:

    How did the story end, Trina? Icicles on the toes?

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  4. Carol Anne says:

    bloody nightmare! I hope you have gas and electric still!

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