grrrr bloody benefits

Today for the first time I logged onto my rental account, hands up, first of all I haven’t done it since November, but since I knew my rent was going out of my bank account, I wasn’t too fussed at checking.

Imagine my surprise when I realised I was massively in credit, I mean hundreds of pounds.

Couldn’t figure it out, so went onto the statement and it appears my housing benefits which was cancelled back in August is still being paid and for some reason it has increased a massive amount a month at that, which we shouldn’t been receiving.

I have the letter stating my housing benefit was cancelled, because for £10 a month, it really wasn’t worth it.

The thing that annoys me is I haven’t been told of any of this, I have no letters nothing. The really annoying thing is that my housing association are quick on the phone if there is any problems with collecting the rent, less quick when they are receiving more than they should be.

The good thing about this is because I didn’t know, I haven’t adjusted my rent payments, so I have been paying the rent, my housing association have been paying my rent, so I can say, look if I had known then surely I would of changed the direct debit to much less, the other good thing, is that once the council relook at it they will see that I was still paying my full rent, its just a pain in the arse to sort out


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4 Responses to grrrr bloody benefits

  1. fakeflamenco says:

    Good luck with sorting. Too bad it can’t play like Monopoly, “bank error in your favor” and be done with it! -Rebecca

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    god, fucking hate that. good luck sorting it!

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