*Press it* 5 Things I’d Like to See More of!#118

Do you agree with Cyranny? Anything else you would like to see more of? via 5 Things I’d Like to See More of!

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6 Responses to *Press it* 5 Things I’d Like to See More of!#118

  1. morgueticiaatoms says:

    I need to put on my glasses and stop being so kid centric. I thought the name was Cybunny, one of the Pokemon.

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  2. morgueticiaatoms says:

    As a relative noob to interacting on blogs (I do just sit in my corner like Suze said)…I’d like to know why so many of your posts begin with *Press It*. I am completely ignorant on this entire subject and I do not do any sort of popular social media, any advice, explanation, whatever, would be greatly appreciated. I’m clueless on hashtags and such. Thanks.

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    • *Press it* Is something I do over the weekend share, its like a reblog, but the main difference is that you can schedule them, which is what I do over the weekend.

      I pop press it at the front to let me know its from the weekend share and not something I have shared off my own back if you see what I mean. If its a post I have found and want to share it, I will share it during the week and pop *reblog* at the start. It also makes people aware that its not my post and its not something I have created.


  3. Carol Anne says:

    Lol! I love cyrannys list! 😀

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