Should I mention Brexit?

I suppose I should really, its a big deal for the UK and the EU, but the thing is, despite all the claims for our PM and his party, nothing actually changes till December, we are still under their laws, we just don’t have a say in anything that is happening.

But now we have left certain things are coming to light, such as air hosts. Basically an airline is after people who can move freely through the EU, which come next year is not going to be the UK, the argument is, well its just one visa, but lets face it, if a company has a choice of 2 people exactly the same but one person is going to cost them more in allowing them to do their jobs, which one would they choose?

Fishing rights, those seem to be fairly fucked and as yet, our oven made deal that was promised by Johnson, doesn’t seem to be that ready.

This fucked up storm, is just going to get more fucked up, I think the best thing I saw on the 31st January, was people who felt strongly enough about leaving, went down and had a party at Parliament Square and they were met by other people who also felt strongly about leaving but felt that the deal was not a leavers deal (whatever that means) and they were protesting, so even the leavers are now fighting with each other (for the record remainers are also fighting with each other)

You know who isn’t fighting? The politicians and the people getting richer by this stupid brexit. I believe divide and conquer is a good explaination

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