Do you know I do this?

Monday to Friday, I realise a set of 10 links to other blogs, the only things they have in common is the fact that they all blog about the same subject, well in the main. I have a selection of blogs that dont really fit into a box so I put them all together.

I make sure the lists are kept up to date as well, I enjoy doing it because with a lot of things I do on my blog I like giving back to the blogging community that have had my back. Besides it makes my OCD happy, and that makes me happy.

The lists normally get a few views, but once they stop being published that is it, I am never sure if people go to my blog or just click on a link to get to a post.

So in that vein I am sharing these with you here takes you to all the blogs that blog about lifestyles and here takes you to all those mental health blogs and finally here takes you to the others, there are blogs about art, animals, tips of blogging, exercise, being healthy, you get the idea, so if you are looking for new blogs, then have a quick gander at these lists.

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