Up and down and round we go

I wish I knew what was going on, for someone who a few weeks ago, was staying up all night, I am finding it amusing I now can’t stay awake past 11pm.

I am still waking up throughout the night, but I am managing to fall asleep, so I am considering that a win, also still waking up very very early, but I am getting chunks of deep sleep and its the proper deep sleep I need to be able to function, well at least I think thats what the internet is telling me.

Yesterday, when I slept it really fucked up my day and I struggled with keeping up, which makes me anxious when things are not done on time, but I did manage to get everything done, so I think that makes falling alseep alot easier.

because I am up at 5am, I am going to crack on with todays jobs early, mostly paperwork, so nice and quiet jobs, well at least till I need to go and grab some more paperwork.

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