*Press it* Popularity Pity Party #119

I always get a warm fuzzy feeling everytime someone likes my posts, shared by KTC via Popularity Pity Party

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4 Responses to *Press it* Popularity Pity Party #119

  1. morgueticiaatoms says:

    I think I worry less about my personal popularity than I care about my writing being appreciated and resonating with others. I don’t do social media aside from wordpress and writer’s sites like Ko-fi so being the popular girl is obviously not on my agenda.
    I hated those popular wenches anyway.

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    • LOL I wasn’t one of the popular girls either, but its always nice to get a like, although I did have a worry about a year ago when my son posted a video on my facebook and the first thing he asked was how many likes he got. He was 6 at the time and I dont even know how he knew what a like was

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      • morgueticiaatoms says:

        My daughter has gotten more likes on a youtube video comment she made six months ago than 3 months of my blog posts. Always good to know that chiming in on the importance of slime consistency in less than a paragraph is appreciated more than a post it took me 2 hours trying to pour my soul into and write with all the interruptions.
        Human vapidity should no longer surprise me and yet, it always does.

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      • It surprises me as well daily. I never get it

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