*Press it* The price of convenience #119

As technology gets more advanced this becomes more and more important, do you know who has your data? Thanks to Chris for passing this onvia The price of convenience

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8 Responses to *Press it* The price of convenience #119

  1. acflory says:

    Thank you. It’s a huge issue that few people take seriously.

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    • I don’t think people have really understood that in the grand scheme of the internet we are not the buyers we are the product.

      It worries me the way it is going, I hate the fact I can be speaking about something on facebook messenger and suddenly get ads for it


      • acflory says:

        Yes, you’ve put your finger on it. We have become ‘the product’. I guess the big tech companies justified it as the price for ‘free’. These days though, it no longer matters whether you’ve paid for an online service or not. They still feel entitled to take your personal data and do whatever they want with it.
        I play ESO and although I’m not subscribed, I did buy the game and downloadable content. Nevertheless, if I don’t like Zenimax’s privacy provisions [hah] my only option is not to play.
        ‘My rules or the highway’.
        I’m still playing so I guess I’m as guilty of ignoring the problem as anyone else. :/

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      • I think there is only so much you can limit what you can do to try and protect your data. I am on facebook so god knows what they have on me. However I don’t have any apps on my phone and the wifi and 3g is turned off. I don’t have any smart things. My other half thinks I am a technophobe, where as in my eyes I go with the its not paranoia if they really are out to get you


      • acflory says:

        lmao – that’s my motto too! I won’t touch Facebook or Google, but I am on Twitter so…-shrug- Fingers crossed, right?

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      • I figure there are far more interesting and receptive people out there which are happy to share the data, rather than the companies trying to force it out me


      • acflory says:

        I may be extreme, but I see it as theft. If someone handed me a free chocolate and then expected to ransack my house, I could call the police. Yet tech companies that essentially do the same thing are inviolate. 😦

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      • it is very much like that

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