*Reblog* A new low for the human race.

And I thought Logan Paul’s stunt in Japan was bad


Honestly, I should just make an series on this blog to showcase all of the reasons why Influencers are idiots. Because there are a lot of them. There are stories which anger me, there are stories that annoy me and then there are stories that make me wonder how I am the same species as some people.

An ‘Influencer’ (we all know I use that term lightly) and aspiring rapper from Ontario was recently detained at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport due to a stunt he pulled on a plane headed for Jamaica that he hoped would make him go viral.

Approximately 30 minutes from landing in Montego Bay, Jamaica, WestJet Flight 2702 (Toronto to Montego Bay) was rerouted back to Toronto.


Jame’s Potok stood up in the back of the plane to exclaim that he had just gotten back from China and was not feeling well, and that he…

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7 Responses to *Reblog* A new low for the human race.

  1. Sheree says:

    They are only influencers if we take any notice of them. If we don’t……

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  2. Ladysag77 says:

    Good grief, this is so disturbing. What this person did is just dangerous and can cause unneeded problems for many all in the name of being noticed? Gross.
    I really appreciate V’s original post and you Trina reposted it to draw attention to these attention seeking imbeciles!

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  3. morgueticiaatoms says:

    I pay zero mind to any of this influencer/viral B.S. I saw this story in my morning newsletter and was appalled. My kid is already terrified because a case of Corona turned up in our state, people doing things like this is despicable.
    Pardon my crudeness, but the world is one day going to be run by these attention whores and it is terrifying.

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    • I agree with you, Corona is now 45 minutes away from me (I am not sure it will travel by car) and its getting closer, while I am sure its not going to affect me, idiots like this need to learn a lesson and I hope the people involved are going to sue him for every penny is he is worth, if nothing else but to make an example that this type of shit is not worth it

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