Sometimes they just need a break

One of my best friends when MIA back in November, we were in close contact on facebook, but we live at the opposite ends of the country.

I get sometimes people just need a break from social media, but it never stops you missing them.

Also I do worry about her. Its half term next week, so maybe myself and monkey can do a road trip.

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8 Responses to Sometimes they just need a break

  1. Yes it can be such a worry. Got a couple right now but they are on different continents.

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  2. clairei47 says:

    Interestingly I am currently taking a break from Facebook, messenger and Instagram. I haven’t deleted my accounts, I’ve just logged out and removed the apps. I haven’t checked them since around beginning Jan. It wasn’t for any particular reason other than it didn’t make me feel good anymore. It seemed to be a negative impact on my mood more than a positive. It’s been quite a relief actually. Hope your friend is ok xxx

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  3. morgueticiaatoms says:

    When my longtime friends here on wordpress vanish for awhile, I just send them a ‘signs of life check’ email, letting them know I am thinking of them and to drop me a line when they are feeling up to it. I usually hear back a day or two later and they’ve been busy or depressed or stressed or whatever but they appreciate being remembered on line.
    I started doing it because we’re mental health bloggers and we lost our ‘group mum’ to suicide several years back because even ECT couldn’t help her depression and it took a week for anyone to learn she had passed. Now I try to stay in touch with people even if they’ve disconnected on line, just letting them know I am here and thinking about them.
    Some of my darkest times it would have been a godsend if someone had just dropped me a quick email saying ‘what’s up, missed you lately’. So I guess it’s my hope to do that for others.
    If you have the time and means, do go check on your friend. I hope they are doing well and just needed to live off line for awhile. ❤

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  4. Darlene says:

    I’m dealing with a similar situation but we are on different continents. It is a worry. Maybe I need to send an old fashioned letter. Hope your friend is OK.

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