So your opinion on this?

Monkey is called Monkey cause from the time he was 6 months old he was climbing out the cot, he was originally called bonsai, as in the tree, because one of my nicknames is tree. Dont ask

But Bonsai is a small tree, thus he was Bonsai, however I have been informed that calling him monkey maybe offensive and to be fair no one has actually ever complained but if it is causing people to be uncomfortable I will change it

So just going on opinion here

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34 Responses to So your opinion on this?

  1. Simon says:

    Hmm, it’s only offensive if it offends. Some people are too easily offended these days.

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  2. Darlene says:

    I think Monkey is a cute name. Monkeys are cute, agile and smart. He may wish you to not call him that when he gets bigger. Just ask him if he is OK with it.

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  3. Carol Anne says:

    No, stick with monkey! Its so cute! πŸ˜›

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  4. I got told off for calling my toddler son a little tyke, as it’s offensive…..

    Obviously a stranger referring to a black child as a monkey would be racist, but a mother to her own son? Nah!

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  5. Joshua Shea says:

    I think it’s cute when he is a child, provided there are not black people (or other minorities) around when you’re doing it, because you know the reasoning behind it but not everyone else will. If someone gets offended and you have to explain, it will come off as defending, and you don’t want that. Something also tells me a 15-year-old boy will have long put an end to being called monkey. He’ll want Lion or Dragon by that point.

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  6. Saumya Agrawal says:

    We do use the hindi word for monkey, bandar, to tease people when we want to convey that they’re crazy or stupid. But it’s all fine. Not offensive. We have pray to Lord Hanuman.

    I hope monkey is his name on the blog or maybe nickname too but not official name 🀣🀣🀣


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