Sorry but not really

I know this was always meant to be a mental health blog and I can’t remember the last time I have actually focused on my mental health and to my readers I am sorry, but also I am not, because I am not focusing on it, because its not a massive deal in my life at the moment, of course there are still massive fucking issues, the school run is still a problem, but I am doing it. I am going for a walk once a day, which is really helping and once I figure when it is as quite as 1am I will be happy.

My OCD is happy because I am doing everything I should do at the right time, thus making my anxiety happy because my OCD is not being unhappy and this all makes my depression happy.

This is obviously is very simple terms, the problems I am facing at the moment is I am still awaiting my ESA assessment and if I am going to keep receiving it, my sleep is still all over the place and my main issue now is if I was to get a job, no matter what job, its going to affect my routine and I am not sure how my brain is going to handle that.

So while it is still there and always there, I am not talking about it as much because there is not much more to say and I am sorry that a mental health blog has gone this way, but also I am not sorry because it means I am getting better, you look back at when I first started this blog and how bleak I felt my life was, I dont want to go back there and I will figure out a way to keep this blog a mental health blog, but it has helped me, as has this community and I am not going to change that,

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8 Responses to Sorry but not really

  1. PaperKutzs says:

    I know what you mean about a blog changing focus

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  2. Ladysag77 says:

    I’m happy for you, that’s growth my friend👏❤🙌😉

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  3. joyroses13 says:

    Very happy for you! 💗

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  4. Let the blog change, if it needs to….

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