Its Half Term Again

To be honest I think we needed it, my anxiety was starting to ramp up at the end of last week and I am not sure how much longer I could have gone on for.

But we are on holiday now, I was going to try and get us out at least once a day, but then a massive storm hit, so that turned out to be a no no, apart from the fact we did. Saturday we had to go into town to sort some admin and post letters, Sunday I promised we could go to the ice cream place because of the good report Monkey had gotten. Monday though I am staying in, I was planning on maybe doing the park, but do you know what a storm brings? Puddles.

You know puddles brings a soaking wet 7 year old, with really wet trainers and really wet wellington boots the day before,

But it has been a busy weekend, mainly filled with DIY, I decided to start painting the flat, so rooms down so far and its looking alright. I am going to give it a few days and see if I like both sets of colours.


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6 Responses to Its Half Term Again

  1. We gave both boys bikes, just before all the 2007 flooding……We wnt out every day bike riding. Wet all week! Some of their fave memories now.

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