I dislike being an adult

I sent monkey and my partner to the cinema yesterday evening. This was to give me a bit of a break and they both wanted to go see Sonic.

What I was going to do was sit on my backside and when they got back complained how busy I was, this is what actually happened

They left

I remembered I needed to do the litter tray, so I did that,

Did the washing up of the few bits I had

I remembered I needed to empty the washing machine and put another load on, so I did that

I went round the flat giving it a quick clean, cleaning away dishes

Remembered that I needed to clean the bathroom, so did that

Washed up the dishes and cups I found

Emptied the bin, had the bin bag split on me, so had to sort that out

Looked at the clock and realised I needed to prep dinner, so did that

Finished sorting out dinner, peeling the veg and shoving dinner in the oven, ready for when they got back (a roast)

Went to sit down and realised the washing machine had finished

So got the wet clothes out, hung them up, sorted out the washing that was hanging up and put that away

Just as I finished that, timer went for me to do something for dinner, so did that.

started sorting out emails

Got message from my partner they were out and on their way home


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7 Responses to I dislike being an adult

  1. morgueticiaatoms says:

    There is a t-shirt I want that says, “Nope. Not adulting today. Nope.” That is how I feel sometimes.

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  2. fakeflamenco says:

    The daily chores! Efficient use of time – high marks. Relaxation – 0. Life as an adult can stink.

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  3. Ladysag77 says:

    Time is a very fickle thing my friend and my time management is severely pressed on certain days. It’s always an uphill battle!!

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