Its nearly the end of Half Term

And if I am going to be honest, we have done very little, normally I try and get us out once a day, but due to the weather, its just not been possible.

I am fine with rain, but the wind has been horrible, I thought it might be done by today, but its still horrible.

We have done the odd little thing, but nothing that would yell loads of fun and we have had more PJ days than not.

Tomorrow, we are going off on an adventure to see Daddy’s work, Saturday no real plans and Sunday we have my stepson, so I think my partner is going to do something fun with them and then back to school and routine on Monday.

I will say, considering the amount of inactivity Monkey has been fairly good, I think all the clubs he now does has worn him right out and he has needed the downtime to just chill, although today he is a bit wilder, so if the weather had been a wee bit better I would be sitting in a park rather than in my lounge in front of a stack of lego.

My anxiety is a little better,  although its still bubbling under the surface, hopefully it will get better, we might spend this afternoon painting the kitchen, that will get some energy out of him and might calm me down

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9 Responses to Its nearly the end of Half Term

  1. fakeflamenco says:

    Sounds as if you’re managing a difficult situation with the weather. Today we have -17C! Fairly normal for our winters, school and work go on without a blip. Painting the kitchen sounds energetic and a good way for monkey to work off extra energy – I agree. Does he like yoga? Downward dog and Dead bug can be fun just for their names. 🙂

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