All caught up…… Again

I think I am finally all caught up from my weird weekend, I mean I am going have to say how tomorrow goes, I think some of it is because of trying to get back into the grove of the school run.

Technically doing the housework is easier without Monkey here, but I do like spending time with him, so it is always so quiet the first few days.

Lets keep those fingers crossed the meh feeling was just because I was doing jobs in not quiet the right order

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2 Responses to All caught up…… Again

  1. morgueticiaatoms says:

    I have a difficult time doing chores when Spook is home. Every time I go to start something, it is that very moment she is hungry and wants me to cook, or she is having a meltdown and needs me to calm her down or some other thing needs my immediate attention, So I tend to wait until she is at school or totally engrossed in the tablet.

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