So on the Monday

I woke up in a bit of a panic, that my alarm hadn’t gone off and thus we were late for school, turns out my partner got up with Monkey, and realised something was off, he had a high temperature and wasn’t feeling well, so Monkey got the day off school.

Weirdly when he found out my Dad was coming to take me out for a birthday lunch, he cheered up massively. So that is what we did, my dad came over and took me out for an Italian. Monkey had the biggest pizza I had ever seen..

It was a very chilled out birthday, although I could feel my anxiety starting to kick in.

Back up to the present day (so Thursday, I have done all of Monday’s jobs and most of Tuesdays and still have an hour to go, just debating whether to hoover now or wait to go get Monkey, as we are both probably going to trek through dirt, as it is still raining hard.

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