The Birthday starts

On Sunday, my mum came round to see me, she took us all out for lunch and it was a lovely meal, it was great to catch up with her, even though I speak to her most days, I am usually walking along a busy road, so it is more just to check in.

Monkey had a lovely time though, he has Roman day next week, so I have been finding a costume for him, preferably second hand, do you think I could? No

I hate buying new for one day, but Monkey has promised me he will wear it every day.

But it meant we had a wonder round the charity shops to try and find one, but it meant I also got Mummy look at this, this is nice I wonder how much it is.

When she left, she gave Monkey my birthday cards from my family


Yep 1 person 3 different names, no wonder I am confused a lot of them time ๐Ÿ˜‰

Then Sunday evening monkey started feeling unwell, this was not going to bode well for Monday and my actual birthday.

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10 Responses to The Birthday starts

  1. Hope you had a GREAT birthday!

    Roman costume (if its not too late): Old large white t-shrt, cut a square neckline into it — you have a tunic! Tie a belt with whatever comes to hand. Luckily I had an old red tablecloth that we used as a cloak. The original neck of the T-shirt can be painted and used as a headdress. I had gobs of gold acrylic paint from a school project. The tunic came out again for Egyptian Day! And several World Book days, as part of other costumes.
    Also, checked pyjama trousers are the basis of a Celt costume — our Roman days always has plenty of ferocious Celts in there too.

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