We are getting there

On Tuesday, my partner and Monkey took me out, this is a special thing for me, because we go to a bar and buy me a massive bloody mary (cocktail) and then go have Sushi, we have to time it right though, because we need to buy Monkey something on the way and then maybe buy him something on the way back, depending on how much he eats at the Sushi place because although he will say he doesn’t like it, he does tend to tuck a lot away.

The problem started when we got to the bar and they no longer served Bloody Mary’s. This was not impressive, so we voted with our feet and walked out, got to the Sushi place, and they had the same four types of dishes going round and round, maybe should have gone on Saturday instead,

The company was good though, so can’t complain there, by the time we got back home it was late, quick bath for Monkey, pop him into bed and I sit down on the sofa and think really need to catch up, but nop, I spent alot of time just staring at the computer screen.

I think this is when I realised I have overdone anxiety way and I also knew my anxiety was going to get worse, if I couldn’t do my jobs because then the OCD would start.

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