Nearly there…

With 20 minutes to go till I pick up Monkey, I have done all the hoovering, swept and mopped all the floors, given the kitchen a really really good clean and washed the animals bowls.

I still have left 1 load of washing, which I can’t do till the washing machine actually finishes and to clean out the washing machine after that load. I also started today with around 1000 emails and have got it down to just under 600.

This means when I get back, I can start on all of today’s jobs which is going to make me feel so much better and hopefully the anxiety will go especially as we have to stay inside tomorrow as I am waiting on a delivery.

I still have a fair bit to do, especially with it being the start of the month and it being paperwork today. I seem to have lost a fair bit of paperwork so I need to find that, also I have done really well on surveys this month, so have a spare bit of money to spend on something for the flat, like paint or maybe a bit of furniture. I  need to figure out what to get Monkey for his birthday, at a guess it is going to be pokemon or lego, or probably a mixture of them both.

So still a bit to go, but being all caught up again will make me a lot less agitated plus my flat is going to look great for all of 5 minutes after Monkey gets back so I want to enjoy it

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