So then it hit

On Wednesday, my partner took monkey to school for me and I made a fort and stayed in bed.

Sometimes I think I am nearly there and then 3 days worth of socialising with close family and I dont want to move for a week, I didn’t sleep as such, I just tried to stop my mind from racing and my heart coming out of my chest.

However, I was now 2 days behind and not coping with the fact the flat was a bombsite, Monkey had taken this as a green light to get out Lego, lots of lego, also I hadn’t done a wash, so clothes were mounting up all over the place.

It still wasn’t enough to get me up and doing things. I was mentally exhausted.

I did manage to collect Monkey from school, so I am calling that a win.

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4 Responses to So then it hit

  1. Lego……despoiler of mothers feet…. and peace of mind……

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  2. PaperKutzs says:

    I’m the same way with the exhaustion your having

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