No Change

With panic going on all around me, there is no change in my life, school is still open and I am still doing the school run, of course now there is an element of danger, so that is nice.

Life seems to have stopped and now we are just waiting, we have had to change all of our Easter plans, we had plans to have a few days out, nothing was booked, so we haven’t lost any money, but we are not going to do them now.

We are now gearing up to Monkey’s birthday in April, I have no idea if his birthday party is going to go ahead or whether people are going to start cancelling on me.

So for now there is going to be no change and we just sit and wait.

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11 Responses to No Change

  1. Yes it’s all changing but so unpredictably. Suddenly Easter will be played out in a very small part of this big old world.

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  2. Amanda Cade says:

    Schools and businesses are starting to shut down where I live. After today, my colleagues and I will all be working from home for at least the next few weeks.

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  3. After yesterday I’m still not sure what the main plan is apart from keep going and we are all part of a herd.

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  4. Riya Gupta says:

    All the schools are closed here.
    Today we got the notice that from today to 31 March, all the offices, schools, colleges, temples and commercial complex like malls, markets etc will be closed.

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