A Social Experiment

Ok, maybe a bit of an over reaction to what is happening in the UK, but as you watch what other countries are doing, I am sitting here going what the fuck.

What we have been advised to do, is avoid big crowds, self isolate the whole household if one person comes down with it for 14 days and wash our hands.

To be fair to the government today they announced a lot of plans that they are putting in place for those industries that are now at risk and mortgage breaks for up to 3 months for homeowners. Well this is great, it is.

Unless you are self employed, on a zero hour contract and or renting.

And this is where the social experiment comes in, most people on the breadline are on zero hour contracts, pension age and normally renting.

So why announce those plans first before the plans of people who self isolation is going to break or even worse, going to ignore the guidelines and continue going, spreading this further.

Also our schools are still open as are our bars, clubs and restuarants, we have only been told to avoid it.

Surely they are still not trying to put money before people? It is a massive worry for loads of people who know they are not going to survive, who are now scared of losing their homes.

I get that they are trying to stop the curve from going up, but this is not the way to do it.

The other reason I say this, is the people that seem to be getting tested are those either rich enough to be able to afford it or those is hospital, no one is being tested despite this being the best method to track the virus.

Those that are rich enough to afford the testing, are probably rich enough to go into self isolation for a week, while the rest of us and having to keep going out, taking our children to school, going to work and are going to end up spreading it to everyone else.

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10 Responses to A Social Experiment

  1. joyroses13 says:

    Stay well!! I totally agree with you, I would be upset too. So much better to risk overreacting when taking precautions than to not do enough and suffer the consequences!

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  2. itsathought2 says:

    It’s so confusing. I can fully understand your frustration, but as someone suffering under the other methodology – cancel everything and stop the world, it’s also not great. We are facing catastrophic economic consequences. I keep thinking why not just throw all the effort into taking the most at risk out of the equation. Isolating them and supporting their needs in that isolation. Everyone else is going to experience a cold. We will have something trivial to complain about instead of soul and societal levels of anxiety. But maybe that wouldn’t work and we would all end up killing the at risk that way.
    Of course, I don’t know what the right solution is. I’m just living in the consequences of the one being implemented in the untied states.

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  3. V says:

    Everything is closing here.
    You can still order take out, but you cannot go into the restaurant to eat. Basically the only place you can go and see people is the hospital or the grocery store/pharmacy.
    If you’re not working from home you’re just at home, waiting for this to pass, trying to stay healthy.

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  4. I was reading about a UK doctor who has probably got the virus. But he can’t get tested. So he’s having to buy his own kit. He was complaining about our approach. Saying it was a small group trying to run the response purely on the basis of a mathematical model. Using incomplete and incompatible data. The Doctor was saying that every other medic he had met agreed that we needed to scrap the model and look at what has worked best so far. Either a complete lockdown or a resource heavy testing and tracing program. We are doing neither.

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  5. Carol anne says:

    Our government and the UK government leave a lot to be desired. But then I have to wonder, did any country get it right? I don’t think they did. x

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