I think we definitely can rule out this career

Yep, never in this life time am I ever going to be a teacher. I can barely do it with one child, let alone with 30.


What the hell is a story board, no matter how many times Monkey explains it to me, I am lost with it.

Why do I need to know the difference between the two pictures, what the hell are these grids?

How the hell do teachers not lose their shit when teaching a child to read. Its a tiger, we know its a tiger because its in the fucking picture.

What we have discovered is with this my partner has a lot more patience than I do and so he has taken over the teaching, but bless Monkey is doing really well with it, even though he sighs when he has to explain what something is to me.

“Seriously mummy how do you not know what a story board is?” <sigh>

This is a serious learning curve for me.

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9 Responses to I think we definitely can rule out this career

  1. Betul Erbasi says:

    I admire my dad for loving teaching children so much. He has been a teacher for 30+ years and still loves it.

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  2. This time gives us a new appreciation for those that educate.

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  3. Growing up I wanted to be a teacher and enrolled in college with education as my focus. It was my third year when I decided to change my focus because of the redundant paperwork required. I also did in-class observations and quickly realized teaching had shifted more towards raising the children instead of educating them. Basically, the political red tape was too much for such a small salary. Once I had my daughter, I quickly realized I do not have the patience to teach someone/anyone anything🤣, however, I surprised myself when it came time to teach my daughter how to drive. Like…of all things to be patient about; the likelihood of a wreck somehow flew out the window.

    I know the system of teaching has changed dramatically but I believe the grids are to seperate the story, each grid a part of a story, but hell, I have no clue!! Good thing for partners, right.?

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