Our Main Problem

There is 3 of us, plus animals all in a small flat, normally its me by myself for 8 hours. When it is not and Matt is here for what ever school holiday is going on, I will take him to the park, or my partner will take him out to give me a break.

That is not possible at the moment, we are only allowed one form of going outside a day, which means one of us still has to take Monkey, it might only be a 10-20 minute walk, but without it, I think he would go more nuts that he is already.

We have been doing various PE stuff that we can get away with, but then we also have neighbours downstairs, so slamming around on the floor, should be limited for their sake.

Although they have kids as well, so they are probably facing the same dilemia.

Also for the sake of our relationship, we take our walks at different times, there is a risk that this might double our increase to the virus, but it more importantly means that we will probably survive with our relationship in tact. Dont get me wrong, we both love each other deeply, but christ we can annoy the shit out of each other.

At the moment, we are splitting our day, so we get a break from each other and from Monkey, we are also working really well together on the home schooling and Monkey is cracking through his work, we do have a schedule for him, but he knows if he knocks it out the park, unlike school, we finish early.

This maybe a bad thing though, because I can see he has his eye on the Monopoly board and I love my family a lot but I will kill them to win that game.

Hope you are all keeping safe, big hugs to you all


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2 Responses to Our Main Problem

  1. Darlene says:

    Yup, it´s a lot of togetherness. But we can do this! All the best to all three of you. xo

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