Email for the NHS

At 8pm last night, everyone was encouraged to clap for the NHS, go and stand on your doorstep, out a window or on a balcony and clap for 30 seconds or so.


This is lovely and supportive, but can I please ask, if you did this, than take another 30 seconds to write or email your MP and demand they start raising the wages for NHS and carers.

Also it might be worth mentioning having something in place for all those other workers, or are still going into work day in and day out.

Its unlikely another is going to be done about it straight away, but with enough people emailing and writing, MPs will get the message that we dont think they get nearly enough for the shit they all go through.

Also if you are in a different country, see how much your nurses (and some doctors) get, is it low paid? Then maybe write to your representative.


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4 Responses to Email for the NHS

  1. Ladysag77 says:

    I saw a clip of this same gesture on the news I believe it was in Italy. So lovely. I agree, these healthcare workers are indeed not going paid enough. Great post👏❤

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  2. Jade Stuart says:

    Just wrote about this! A nice gesture, but the hypocrisy of those clapping who wouldn’t actively support decent labour rights is striking.

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