I am really going to regret getting this

We signed up for Disney Plus at the weekend. Monkey has a thing for Star Wars at the moment, and they have all 9 films.


He has managed to get through the first 6 over the weekend.

The problem is I fucking hate star wars, I hate it with a passion, I can’t stand it. I have an overwhelming urge to throw things at the TV when I see it.

I have no idea, where this hatred comes from, I just know that when I see anything about it, I turn over.

However, Monkey seemed to enjoy it and my partner loves them as well, so happily sat through and they had some father son bonding time, while I sat in the bedroom with the animals watching something else.

Not sure if we are going to keep it after the free trial, although I do love Disney films, we dont want to get into a position where have so many subscriptions, we no longer watch them all and they are just there.

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23 Responses to I am really going to regret getting this

  1. Mama is a Handful says:

    We have Disney+ and we LOVE it! So much, in fact that we turned off our cable, and now have Disney+, HuluLive and Netflix only. My girls love Disney Junior, and I like that even though it’s not live, they can watch their favorites from the Disney Junior channel any time they want, vs me having to explain to two small kids why puppy dog pals isn’t on at 6pm lol

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    • We only have the free channels, but our subscriptions have gone up from 2 to now 4 and we are debating Now TV, my son isn’t into Disney as I remember it, but as they have bought more and more franchises like Star Wars and the Avengers these are they type of things he is into

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  2. Joshua Shea says:

    I would love to have Disney+ to see all those movies from the 70s I grew up on, but still have horrible scars from the Disney and Disney Junior channels from when my kids were young. I can still sing the entire Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme and get upset when I see the “new” Wiggles.

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  3. I never really liked Star Wars and in fact when we saw the second one in the theaters, way way back when it came out, I remember spending all night in the bathroom vomitting and ill. Maybe that was an early sign of epilepsy, or just not my thing to watch. Good idea not to have so many subscriptions that you don’t use them, especially if they start to charge–it’s too easy to lose track and waste money that way.

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  4. You have my sympathies, although for me, Star Wars is fine (EXCEPT for Phantom Mencae) but it’s most of the other Disney stuff that I want to throw things at!

    Confession: ‘Fine’ means I can quote from the origanl films, really dislike the prequel trilogy, and have looooong discussions with my 23 year old son about the latest ones. Bit of a fan-girl actually. Hope you will forgive me……..

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  5. Carol Anne says:

    I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, and gotten it, I have amazon prime, and sky, and Netflix, although my sky is the basic entertainment package.

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