How am I surviving in isolation?

I think I have said this before, but nothing has changed for me, infact it got a wee bit better that I didn’t have to do the school run anymore.

Yes I am having to put up with Monkey and my Partner at home all the time, but we have found ways round that, by giving me an hour or so in the bedroom, just having a break, my partner is also taking over the schooling during the day and I am playing with Monkey in the evenings (unless he is watching Star wars)

So, not much has changed for me, its business as usual to be honest, however I am different to a lot of people who have suddenly found that they are stuck and not able to do much, so with that it mind, here are some tips.

1. We are allowed to do exercise, go for a walk round the block, keep 2 meters apart from other people, I find early morning or late evening is pretty good. Make it 15 minutes maybe

2. I am hoping that if you are going for a walk you are getting dressed and brushing your teeth and hair. It is so easy, when you are not leaving your house to not bother and once you go down that road, its tough to come back. Try and keep to a routine of getting dressed, even if you are not going out.

3. Have a time when you facetime or phone friends and family, ours is 9am, we keep contact, make sure we are all right and Monkey waves at them.  It does make you feel less isolated.

4. Depending on where you are and what the weather is doing, open your doors and windows, even if it is only for 20 minutes

5. Make sure you have at least 2 meals a day, whether that is breakfast, lunch or dinner. Even if it something like cheese on toast.

6. This is my worst one and one I am intending on starting today, try and do some form of exercise in your house, 20 start jumps and a few sit ups, something to get the blood pumping, you are not trying to become an Olympian just something to keep your body going, you might not feel like you did a lot of exercise, but even something as simple as walking to a train station, or walking for where you have parked the car, walking to go get lunch, all adds up and for most this is no longer happening.

7. Don’t give into the temptation of thinking, well I might have a cheeky glass of wine now at 4pm, it will probably get earlier and earlier.

8. Be kind to yourself, it is normal to feel anxious, sad, angry, all of the above. Take a bit of time out for yourself, Even if it means getting up 10 minutes earlier or going to be 10 minutes later, just those 10 minutes of just you are worth it.

While we try and flatten the curve of this virus, lets start to flatten the curve of mental illnesses that is going to happen, if you are starting to feel depressed, reach out to someone.

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4 Responses to How am I surviving in isolation?

  1. Suze says:

    great and helpful hints on emotionally surviving this mess. stay safe my sweetie….stay safe.

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    • Always Suze, as my sister put it, when she talks to people and they ask how her family is, she says mum is struggling, dad and other sis is so so and Trina is fine, seems to be life as normal for her.

      Hope you are staying safe as well


  2. Carol Anne says:

    Great tips Trina! Thanks for them! I have to say I am really struggling!

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