Right its catch up time

With my anxiety at an all time high and no idea why, I mean its not like I have left the house other than to have a walk, or there are crowds everywhere, which are my normal triggers, I am up to date with all my jobs, which is another trigger, when I get behind.

So whats with the title?

I have loads of big jobs I have wanted to do but never have the time for, like painting Monkey’s room, the bathroom, I got the paint months back but haven’t done it yet.

A spring clean of the flat would also be good. I have 8 years of photos on a hard drive somewhere in the flat that I want to sort through. I need to sort my Ipod out, something has gone wrong with it, I think its an easy fix, but it looks fiddly

Lego, there is always lego to sort.

I am going to try and get these big jobs done and see how my anxiety is then, it might be something as simple as my family are still here and depending on whether the government extend the lockdown, is whether or not my partner is going to have to find a temporary job, for his own sanity more than anything else, I think this is the longest time he has been without a job in 10 years.

Monkey is still being a superstar, he sort of understands and then he wants to go to the park, then he remembers that we are not allowed to, but after 3 weeks, its starting to wear thin with him and he just wants to go back to school.

The only blessing with this happening now for us, is he is not going to miss any exams, so I am going to take that as my silver lining.

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4 Responses to Right its catch up time

  1. fakeflamenco says:

    Mum’s secret hidey hole…an invisibility cape?

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    Yay there is a silver lining! 🙂

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