Damn it, I hate it when I am right sometimes

I have been saying since the UK originally locked down, that it was never going to be 3 weeks, it was more likely it was going to be extended for at least another 3 and there is no way Monkey was going to go back to school till at least after the May Half term and that certainly looks like what is happening.

They announced today they were extended for at least 3 more weeks, without a deadline in sight.

I think people are now starting to panic a wee bit about how they are going to cope financially, if the business they worked for is going to survive or what they are now going to do.

The thing is I don’t think the Government can give a date as to when this is going to end (BBC I am looking at you with your first question being when is it going to end) I get its going to be tough for so many people and very uncertain, but this approach seems to be working a whole of a lot better than the herd immunity suggestion they originally came up with.

I know its easy for me to say, this is going to all work out, but the thing is, its such an unusual time, the government are going to have to step in to continue to help those people who are struggling because they are unable to work because the business they worked for 3 weeks ago is no longer operating.

I am not sure of the answer, but there does need to have something in place for this unusual time.

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15 Responses to Damn it, I hate it when I am right sometimes

  1. Darlene says:

    It is almost 6 weeks for us in Spain. But it is working so I´m going to continue to stay in. Hang in there. xo

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  2. annadusseau says:

    Yep you were so right and same, regardless of official government action, I am going to be cautious and make my own decisions with my family. Originally, I was all for the now rubbished herd immunity concept, but since the world has now gone into quarantine, I’m not feeling confident until there is a vaccine, really.

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  3. fakeflamenco says:

    Yes I worry the most about the families who were feeding their children breakfast and and lunch by sending them to have free meals at school in the US. We’ve just had the six more weeks at home decree.

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  4. Sheila Moss says:

    Things are not going so well here in the US. Congress passed a bill to help small business pay employees, and bigger businesses swooped in and got the money first. Record unemployment, food banks being overwhelmed, stock market reaching record lows, and protests against social distancing and stay home orders. No school for kids, not enough protective equipment for health workers, not enough tests to see who is sick and an idiot in charge of it all.

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    • I was puzzled by that bill, I couldn’t understand it, here the government set a limit on profits so if you earned over 25k you couldn’t access that particular pot of money.

      The protective equipment for health workers is a global thing, so it looks like is the tests.

      Its not as though we had any warning this may be happening. Oh wait we did

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  5. Carol Anne says:

    Things are now extended here until may 18th, but after that, certain businesses can reopen.

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