Questions, so many questions

Do not read this if you have not seen Avengers End Game, it probably contains spoilers

You ever watched a film and had more questions left than when it started.

So for starters

You ever noticed at the end Ant Man is in the van and then they go to a fight scene and he is the background?

What happened to Gamaora? Is she alive? Or did she turn to dust?

What happened to the hammer when Captain America went back?

Where does valkyrie’s horse come from and why does she appear from one of the sparkly holes when she didn’t turn to dust?

Why the fuck did they kill Black Widow? I really liked her

Did Rocket ever get the arm?

And that is just for starters, I keep coming up with questions, alot of them my partner answers with watch whichever films references it, but I don’t want to, I just want him to tell me the answer.

This is what I am doing during my lockdown


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2 Responses to Questions, so many questions

  1. Carol Anne says:

    Lol you could be doing a lot worse 😛

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