I have plans

Before the world went to shit, we had plans to do stuff, like go to the beach, go for a tourist trip round London, that type of things.

This has been fucked, but I still have the summer holidays and hopefully my partner will be back in work for some of it,

So we are going to go to the beach and have a chippy.

Go to London and walk around, I don’t actually want to go anywhere in particular, but if forced maybe the science museum.

I may learn to rollerskate, I have the rollerskates so I might start practicing in the hall.

Monkey wants to learn to ride his bike, he can’t seem to get his head round it, so we will keep practicing.

I am hoping that one of the things this is going to do, is get companies to do more homeworking, which would be ideal for me.

Those are just some plans, of course once given the option to leave my house, my plans may all change once the anxiety kicks in

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6 Responses to I have plans

  1. Rollerskating in your hallway??? πŸ™‚

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    Lol rollerskating? Now I’d love to see ou on a pair of rollerskates. πŸ˜› enjoy the plans! X

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